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This afternoon Celtic get ready to celebrate a richly deserved and record equalling ninth title in a row. Sadly due to the pandemic and the country in lockdown, the party will have to remain at home but it won’t dampen the festivities that much.

Sadly at this tough time we should take a moment out of our celebrations to think of those hit hardest – no, I don’t mean those who have lost loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic – but Rangers fans and Lance Armstrong FC’s partisan band of propagandists in the mainstream media. The way they have been complaining, crying foul, and their levels of outrage over the past month or so has been second to none.

They have tried to weaponise a global pandemic which has killed over 300,000 people [more than 2,000 of those in Scotland alone] in an attempt to stop Celtic from equalling Jock Stein’s historic record of nine titles in a row. And just like their obsession with weaponising the suffering and crimes committed against kids by coaches at Celtic Boys Club, Rangers fans are using a virus to try to do what Steven Gerrard and the Rangers players could not do – stop Celtic’s dominance.

They really have no shame.

I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty of the Dundee voting fiasco, Rangers’ countless petulant child-like statements, or the unsurprising collapse of league reconstruction talks – but it has been clear for many years that SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster was not fit-for-purpose. He has been a convenient scapegoat for many a club over the years with Rangers, despite all their recent claims about him, having the most to gain with him in power. But now that Rangers failed to stop 9IAR on the pitch they are now in deflection mode with Doncaster and the SPFL front and centre in their crosshairs – with the gullibillies falling for the Goebbel-like mind games once again.

Rangers’ demands for an independent investigation – even offering to pay for it themselves – was as laughable as it was pathetic. Did they honestly believe that anyone would take such an offer seriously?

Given how much help their club was given in the aftermath of the old club being liquidated, Rangers really should be inducting Neil Doncaster [and Stewart Regan] into their hall of fame beside other notables such as Lee Wallace, Lee McCulloch, Ian Black, Joey Barton, Phillipe Senderos, and Kevin Kyle.

If ANY independent investigation is ever to take place then it should look at Doncaster’s handling of the Sevco fiasco, how they were allowed to jump the queue ahead of Spartans and the likes of Cove Rangers into securing a place in the lower echelons of the senior game. The late great Turnbull Hutton alluded to the threats, to the bullying of then First Division clubs at the hands of the SPL and Scottish FA at the time – but where were the demands for an independent investigation into their conduct from the likes of Ewan Murray, Tom English, Alex Rae, and the rest of the propagandists in the media? All we heard from them was that we needed a strong Rangers to curtail Celtic’s dominance.

Where was the investigation into the secretive five-way agreement? Where are the calls for an investigation into the Scottish FA pulling the plug on taking Resolution 12 to the Court of Arbitration for Sport last week? And where is the outrage and calls for an investigation into the refusal to discuss the clear evidence of the old club’s 11 years of cheating and why title stripping was taken so quickly off the table by the football authorities? Despite years of tax dodging, financial doping, and bringing the game into disrepute.

We were told to move on for the good of Scottish Football. We were told by the same lot that were demanding investigations into and the suspensions of two SPFL officials for the good of our game. The same lot demanded our league season be null and voided for the good of Scottish football.

But we all know that their ‘for the good of Scottish football’ line is really a metaphor for ‘do as we say and do what is best for Rangers no one else’.

The calls for the season to be null and voided was to stop Celtic winning 9IAR because they couldn’t do it where it mattered most – on the field of play. Their hypocrisy knew no bounds as they wanted Celtic stopped and yet still demanded their second place prize money as they are desperate for cash.

The man who would be King walked away just at the right time. Their season disintegrated before their eyes, and with no sugar daddy bailing them out, every penny helps. The reported sale of three-quarters of Albion Car Park to Merchant Homes will certainly help to pay some of the bills for a few months – but it won’t reduce the sizeable losses racked up each month by a club that didn’t learn from the previous residents at Ibrox. They are even ripping off their own fanbase by handing them a £25 voucher instead of refunds of around £100-120 for the remaining home games that their fans missed out on due to the season ending – a decision vote on and supported by Rangers last week. Not that they have told their fans as a statement has still to be made on the official Rangers website.

As Celtic fans celebrate our second historic nine in a row – the first club to do so – lest we forget the pain emanating from those across the city. Making it even sweeter.

They can try to belittle our title all they want, but only a few weeks ago they had surrendered the title to Celtic after Rangers lost to Hamilton Accies and Hearts as their bottle crashed. The pandemic gave them one final chance to stop Celtic, as they weaponised the deaths of thousands for their own bitter and twisted ends. Just as they do with child abuse victims.

The real threat for Rangers and their bigoted fan base is not only Celtic winning nine in a row, it is also Celtic securing a historic ten in a row, and more importantly beating the old club’s 54 league titles* – 54 titles that include a shared title with Dumbarton, and several league titles won thanks to their tax dodging and use of EBTs and side letters – why else do you think they want their Southern Shipyard FC League titles won during the Second World War counted?

The fear is real down Govania way and it is a beautiful sight indeed.

Andy Muirhead

Andy Muirhead

Andy Muirhead is the former editor of Scotzine and producer of the Scottish football podcast, The Final Whistle. He has written for ESPN, Huffington Post, BT Sport, and The Morning Star, with work also featured in the Daily Record, the Scotsman, Daily Mail, Daily Express and numerous fan websites.

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