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Dave King

Not content with snapping up English League Two world beating defenders or Aberdeen loan duds to become a title winning force in Scottish Football, chairman Dave King has now claimed that Rangers are the ‘premier club’ in Scotland after selling 300 extra season tickets than last season.

The Ibrox side announced that 45,757 season tickets had been snapped up for the new season, with a further 14,000 on the waiting list – a rise of just over 300 season tickets sold last season.

Addressing the Rangers fans like some all-conquering Roman General, rather than his true squinty-eyed tax dodging self, King said: “Once again Rangers supporters have stepped forward and reminded us that we, the directors of this special club, are in a fortunate and privileged position to be able to work for them and with them.

“The loyalty shown by Rangers fans towards their club never ceases to amaze me and, on behalf of my fellow board members, I again express my gratitude and admiration.

“Rangers has always been a leader on and off the pitch and with the support that our fans continue to demonstrate we will maintain that tradition.

“I have said before, but it is worth repeating, that Rangers is special and, having won more trophies than any other club in the world, we have a genuinely unique place in football history. We must keep it that way while welcoming everyone who wants to be part of this wonderful institution.

“This is an inclusive and diverse club and we are close to announcing initiatives which will make Rangers even more special to so many more people.

“I said recently that it would be remarkable if we could get to last season’s figure for season ticket sales but you have done more than that.

“You have set a new high and I am immensely proud to be chairman of this great club. Let’s continue to do the right things and project Rangers as the country’s premier club and again, thank you for your wonderful support.”

King’s laughable claims come days after a General Meeting of Rangers shareholders agreed for their shareholding to be diluted, so that the South African-based businessman has overall control with 54% of the shares – leaving the fans and other shareholders with no say or control over anything that happens at the club now.

His grandstanding also comes nearly two weeks on from Rangers losing another court case to Sportsdirect over the continued breaches of legally binding contracts negotiated by King and his team with Mike Ashley’s Sportswear firm.

While the club’s shameful u-turn on a Memorial Garden – for the 66 innocent men, women and children that were killed in the 1971 Ibrox Disaster – had led to the company contracted to build the garden to take legal action against Rangers also.

This time next year….

In April, Dave King told Rangers fans that the club were ‘now within tangible reach of Rangers becoming the dominant force in Scottish football again’.

A month later, Celtic ended the season nine points ahead of Rangers, they won the Scottish Cup and with that a historic treble treble. And yet a month on from Rangers fans being shown up for the mugs that they are – when they believe Dave King’s diatribe – they now believe they are Scotland’s Premier Club despite the cold hard facts telling a different story.

  • Celtic have more season ticket holders and fans on the waiting list
  • Celtic have the bigger stadium
  • Celtic have won three domestic trebles in a row with Rangers in the league
  • Rangers have finished third twice and second once in the league
  • Rangers turnover is a paltry £35.3 million compared to Celtic’s £100m-plus turnover. Celtic’s wage bill is higher than Rangers’ total turnover.
  • Celtic were recently awarded a prestigious National Club Licensing Platinum Award by the Scottish Football Association. Rangers could only muster a silver on par with Hamilton Accies. Every other club were awarded Gold status – except for Livingston who were Bronze.
  • Celtic currently hold the historic record of the only British club to win three domestic trebles in a row. Rangers boast about being the only British club to win the Alkass Cup – an Under-17 tournament.
  • Celtic are the only Scottish club to win the European Cup. Europe’s most prestigious club cup competition. Rangers 2012 bought ceramics from all over the world and a bike off Rangers 1872 when they were liquidated.
  • Celtic’s stadium and the surrounding areas are a beautiful sight to behold. Ibrox looks like a brick portaloo in the middle of a car park – and still no hover pitch in sight!
  • Rangers are spending beyond their means to stop Celtic winning nine-in-a-row and equalling Jock Stein’s record. Winning 10 will prove to be a fatal blow to King and his cronies.

I do have to admit that Rangers are the premier club in Scottish football in three things. The most pitch invasions for a second placed club throughout the season. The most penalties won in a season and still come away with hee haw to show for it and finally for being on the longest journey in the history of mankind. Seven long years Rangers have been coming for Celtic and still no one can spot them.

Meanwhile, the true Premier club in Scottish football will unfurl the Championship winning flag in their home game against St.Johnstone on the 3rd August and represent Scotland in the Champions League competition.

As for Rangers, this time next year Rodney…..

Andy Muirhead

Andy Muirhead

Andy Muirhead is the former editor of Scotzine and producer of the Scottish football podcast, The Final Whistle. He has written for ESPN, Huffington Post, BT Sport, and The Morning Star, with work also featured in the Daily Record, the Scotsman, Daily Mail, Daily Express and numerous fan websites.

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